12 Mayıs 2017 Cuma

Mothman Prophecies (2002)

İkinci kez seyrettim. Atmosfer insanı sarmalıyor. Konu sulandırılmadan sunulmuş. Dehşete yaslanılmamış. Ucuzlamadan devam eden, abartıya kaçmadan hikayesini anlatan bir film. Benim gibi doğaüstüne meraklı olanları özellikle memnun edecektir. 

Başlangıç sekansı iyiydi, müzik ve görüntüler etkileyici, arada diyaloglarla Gere, işi ve ailesi hakkında izleyiciyi ısındırdı. Beş dakikada filmin baş karakterinin hayatı ile tanışıyorsunuz. Mothman Ukrayna dilinden rough çeviriymiş. Felaketler öncesi çıkıyor. “Wake up number 37” (36 kişi ölüyor). 37’yi Gere kurtarıyor. Richard Gere. Laura Linney. 

IMDB Trivia
The film is based on actual events that occurred between November 1966 and December 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The clock radio in John Klein's motel room reads: 6:14. It's a biblical reference to John Chapter 6 verse 14, which reads, 'This is indeed the prophet who is to come into the world.'

For the masterful "Bridge Collapse" sequence, it took Gene Warren III and five other model-makers, plus two production assistants three full months to fabricate every piece of the bridge set from scratch. He estimates 20,000 individual pieces of steel went into the construction, in order for the ultra-photo-realistic 1/6th scale model suspension bridge to support all the model vehicles and ultimately collapse like a full-scale steel bridge into the water. Of the hundreds of sets Gene has accomplished, this remains his favorite. The entire set was built spanning the water tank at Fantasy II.

The name of the expert on paranormal activity is Leek, the reverse of paranormal expert and author of the novel that the film was based on, John A. Keel.

The scene where Indrid Cold is seen for the first time in full wasn't done with CG graphics. Bill Laing was simply shot in blurred vision.

Director Cameo 
Mark Pellington: the bartender, also the voice of Indrid Cold during the phone call.

John Klein: What do you look like?
Indrid Cold: It depends on who is looking.

Alexander Leek: "The nocturnal butterfly. In ancient cultures, the moth represents a form of the psyche, or the soul immortally trapped in the hellish death realms". Mothman. Well, that's what the Ukrainians called him. Rough translation of course. There were a hundred sightings in Chernobyl when the nuclear pump went down. Galveston, nineteen sixty-nine, just before the hurricane. They saw it. But seeing isn't always believing.

Alexander Leek: In the end it all came down to just one simple question. Which was more important - having proof, or being alive? Trust me. I turned away years ago, and I've never looked back.
John Klein: Didn't you need to know?
Alexander Leek: We're not allowed to know.

John Klein: To hear a voice is one thing. But this isn't just a message, it's a prediction. It came true.

Alexander Leek: One day, I started hearing voices. The voices became messages.

Alexander Leek: You noticed them, and they noticed that you noticed them.

Alexander Leek: You know the buildup of energy before something happens? How hair stands up before lighting strikes?

John Klein: Right, "before something happens". Do you mean, do you mean that they cause disasters?
Alexander Leek: Why would they need to?

John Klein: Alright, then. Are they... Are they trying to warn me?
Alexander Leek: Their motivations aren't human.
John Klein: Alright, then. What do they want?
Alexander Leek: I have no idea. What you really want is to know... why you?

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